Dash- Cams

Have you ever been involved in an accident on the road where fault has been disputed? The Unite VCam Vehicle CCTV Dash-cam can put an end to this and protect you and your workforce when out on the road. Major insurance companies are now taking Dash-cam CCTV footage as evidence in disputed insurance cases. The poster above shows of the benefits and features of the Dash-cam.

The VCam is dual camera and allows CCTV footage to be filmed externally and internally simultaneously. Designed to record high quality video images of the road in front of the vehicle and video recordings of the vehicle interior with audio, this vehicle camera also benefits from being GPS equipped to monitor a vehicles position and speed. Making this system ideal for personal use commercial use for vehicles such as taxis, mini buses or even driving instructors.

The Vcam vehicle CCTV kit simply clips into a windscreen mounted bracket typically positioned toward the top of the windscreen, close to the driver’s rear view mirror and it’s powered from the vehicle cigarette lighter socket. It works by combining the two cameras and a digital video recorder (DVR) to record the CCTV footage onto a memory card. 

We currently have the Vcam Vehicle CCTV Dashcam in our sale. The price has dropped by 25% from £200+VAT to £150+VAT. Click the image below to buy the Dash-cam from our online store.

Dash-cam campaign 2


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