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Communications Provider

Unite Communications are a wholesale CP (communications partner) meaning we have access to  the National Openreach network to utilise their systems, network and engineers.

All communications providers have been given the same access by Offcom to the national network previously monopolised by BT, this is why Openreach was formed and BT was broken into a range of different businesses.

The analogy we generally use when explaining the role Openreach plays is to mention Transco in the Gas industry, although you can choose your gas from any supplier based on cost Transo are still responsible for the pipes that feed the supply.

Openreach serve the same purpose to all communications partners that are WLR3 providers providing access and maintenance of the national network of cables. This means Unite can offer the same level of service to our customers as BT retail or anyone else but hopefully provide better call rates.

The best way to prove the savings we can offer is to obtain a copy of a recent telephone bill, we can then produce a report detailing the total savings over a period directly to the customer. Unite communications can order lines, report faults and check lines all on the WLR3 portal at any time and receive the same level of service as BT or any other CP.

The only difference to the customer is they receive their bills from Unite Communications but would still be maintained by the engineers at Openreach, they would also receive an excellent level of service from Unite Communications dedicated helpdesk.

The following diagram has been created to help explain the relationship with Openreach.

Comms flow chart






We are a telecoms company based at Newcastle Business Village, 33 Bellingham Drive, Benton, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE12 9SZ. We also serve all parts of the North East and Cumbria including: Carlisle, County Durham, Durham, East Durham, Gateshead, Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Newcastle, Newton Aycliffe, North Tyneside, South Shields, South Tyneside, Stockton, Washington and every major UK City.

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